Volunteer Management Course

pic_training00Volunteer Management

Central to any successful volunteer programme, big or small, is effective volunteer management. An organisation needs a volunteer policy simply stating its practices, procedures and expectations. This can cover everything from how an individual volunteer fits in and works alongside paid staff (if you have them), to accurately developing clear volunteer roles, to creating and maintaining extended volunteer programmes.  

Meath Volunteer Centre runs Volunteer Irelands nationally accreditated Volunteer Management Training Course delivered over 2 full working days. This is a new format course consisting of 4 modules.

Module 1:
Planning for Volunteer Involvement

  • Preparing for volunteer involvement
  • Volunteer motivations
  • Identifying and developing volunteer role descriptions

Module 2:
Volunteer Recruitment and Selection

  • Effective advertising
  • Screening techniques
  • Applications
  • Interviews and volunteer selection

Module 3:
Day-to-Day Management of Volunteers

  • Induction and volunteer agreements
  • Support and supervision
  • Recognition
  • Resolving difficult situations
  • Exit interviews

Module 4:
Designing a Policy for Volunteer Involvement

  • Defining policy
  • Designing a volunteer policy document

For the full volunteer management course, it is expected that participants will attend all four modules, as they are designed as part of a continuum.

For the dates of our forthcoming training courses please check our Training Schedule. This course can however be delivered directly to any group (minimum number of participants required).  Please contact us for more information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.