Involving Volunteers in your Organisation

Welcome to the section for Organisations Involving Volunteers (or thinking about doing so!)

In this section, we hope to inform and educate organisations about involving volunteers in your organisation.

In days past, volunteers were often considered a free resource, and there to do the jobs that others didn’t want to. Thankfully those days are well gone now and volunteers are now recognised as a valuable resource for organisations – a source of help, ideas, new skills, and energy.

At Meath Volunteer Centre, we can help you devise a volunteer programme for your organisation that ensures you get the best from your volunteers and that the volunteer values and appreciates the opportunity for them. We recognise involving volunteers is not a cost free exercise and we will advise you on strategies and practices that ensure you make the most of your volunteer resource in the most effective way possible.

In this section, you can access our volunteer placement service, advertise your volunteer opportunities and learn more about our services for your organisation.

You can read about our Volunteer Management Training and find out about what courses are available. We also run workshops for organisations interested in involving volunteers for the first time. For all not for profit organisations, we can supply Garda vetting services.

Finally we have lots of information for Volunteer Involving Organisations throughout Meath including case studies of organisations involving volunteers.

At Meath Volunteer Centre we have all types of people interested in volunteering, and for all types of reasons. Through our referral service we will put volunteers in touch with your organisation and your volunteering opportunities. For all volunteers and voluntary organisations, we are here to help you, so please feel free to contact us and ask what we can do for you.

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