Welcome to Volunteering in Meath!

In this section, we want to inform you and hopefully encourage you to take that final step to volunteering – to simply go for it!

Lots of people volunteer in different ways and for different reasons. That’s fine!

We will talk through with you why you want to volunteer, what you are looking to get out of your volunteering experience – it could be self development, it could be an issue you have personal experience with, or it could be just to improve your skills. There is no one volunteer profile.

What is important is that we help you find a role that is suitable for you, and that you are suitable for the organisation. Your motivations, your availability and your skills, and the ability of the organisation to manage your involvement successfully will all affect whether a placement opportunity is right for you and the organisation.

In the following sections, we bring you through the registration process and the opportunities available. Note that even though you register with us, there is no obligation on you to volunteer – it is simply a way of us getting to know a little about your wishes and your interests.

There is also information on volunteering easily accessible on the right hand side of each page, about volunteering in general, social welfare and volunteering, what a volunteer can expect, what an organisation expects of its volunteers, and some sample volunteer case studies, and much more!

Also, don’t forget our Meath Volunteer Centre initiatives and panels. We have identified gaps in the volunteering infrastructure in Meath that we hope to fill through close collaboration with specific Meath groups –and build up volunteering panels to meet these needs.

Remember - volunteering is fun, rewarding and a positive experience – feel free to contact us to talk about it.